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S1E8: Sailing from San Diego, CA to Turtle Bay, Mexico

Sailing… We couldn’t have ordered better sailing as we left San Diego harbor and watched Point Loma recede into the horizon. Spirits were high all around, as you can imagine.  Being Halloween, our crew surprised us by popping out of the salon into the cockpit in modified pirate costumes consisting of a fuzzy red ‘viking’ …

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S1E7: BajaHaHa 2017 – Final Prep, Meet the Crew, and We’re OFF!

Final Prep: Get the Temporary Import Permit! What is a TIP? So, let’s start by explaining what a Temporary Import Permit, or TIP, is.  Mexico requires all boats and vehicles entering Mexico to obtain a Temporary Import Permit. This permit is good for ten years which is a deal considering it only costs $52 USD. …

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Hi ya’ll! Don and Janet here. We’ve retired, bought a sailboat, and are spending 1/2 our lives sailing wherever the wind blows while spending the other 1/2 of our life on our land-based ‘ranch’ in Tombstone, AZ, USA.

Don retired as a Fire Capt/Paramedic after 30+ years with Orange County Fire in California. He followed that up with a 2-1/2 year stint as the the State Fire Safety Officer for the State of Arizona.  Side-gigs included over 10 years taking federal wildland fire assignments as a Fire Behavior Analyst (and everything else under the sun) as well as teaching federal level wildland management courses.   Don has spent the better part of his life sailing Southern California on racing monohulls and hobie cats.

Janet is a retired emergency nurse and paramedic instructor. She followed up 23 years of nursing with a private practice as a clinical hypnotherapist specializing in anger, PTSD and anxiety.  Janet had no sailing experience prior to 2016 and has done virtually all of her learning on trimarans and catamarans.

S/V Bonzai! is a 2000 Robertson & Caine Leopard 38, Owner’s Version catamaran. She has extended sugar scoops giving her a final length of 40′, a beam of 21’3″ and a 3.5 ft draft. Our mast height is just under 63 ft.

Bonzai was originally purchased and placed in the Moorings fleet in La Paz, Mexico. Her original owner sold her shortly after she came out of charter. Her 2nd and 3rd owners were in San Diego, CA. They each made various upgrades, notable ones included upgrading her interior and sail pack to red accents, extending her sugar scoops, reconfiguring the dinghy davits, and adding a large fish cleaning table to the stern. She was pretty lightly used, seldom leaving the San Diego harbor for more than a trip to Catalina Island from time to time. She was well loved by all of her previous owners, which we appreciate very much!  Another interesting factoid about Bonzai! is that all of her purchase and sales through 17 years were handled by broker Monty Cottrell of The Catamaran Company in San Diego, CA, USA. Now how many boats can say that?

The ‘Ranch’ is 100 acres of high desert land just outside of Tombstone, AZ, USA.  Don and Janet purchased the property as bare land in 2001. In 2004, we moved out to the ranch, living in a 5th wheel RV while we installed electricity, established water, and built our barn, shop, guest house, and finally our main house ourselves under Don’s general contractor license. From 2004 to 2009 Janet ran a herd of fiber producing sheep (Wensleydale and Navajo-Churro), angora goats, and alpacas for her wool and fiber business. Her products included everything from raw wool, roving, and wool batts to handspun yarns in rainbows of colors.  The economy crash effectively ended that business. Today we have our last remaining Navajo Churro sheep (Brownie) along with one horse (Surf) a burro (Milton) and 8 dogs (Xena, Aztec, Otra, Xip, Ollie, Sibelle, Nicole and Cinder). Oh, and chickens. We should really count the chickens as well (they don’t have names). 

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